Custom-built Solutions

Do you have a specific monitoring need for your business? Contact us to request a customized solution to provide you with the real-time data and alerts you need. All of our monitoring solutions are designed to be reliable and easy to use, letting you access your data 24/7 through our convenient mobile app.

Discover some of our work:

Cricket Farm Monitoring

Little Food chocolate crickets

The Clariance monitoring platform allowed Akuino to develop a reporting solution for Little Food’s cricket farm. It provides real-time data and alerts on temperature, humidity and CO2, in order to ensure the ideal environment for the crickets.

Controlled Environment Protection

Water level monitoring by Clariance

When Clariance learned that many construction companies face flooding-related issues on their sites, they developed an easy-to-use solution that provides alerts when water reaches a certain level, so construction site managers can quickly react and prevent delays caused by damage.