Industry Solutions


Get a complete overview of your construction site in real-time, including environmental conditions and the current location and movements of inventory, equipment and personnel. Be alerted instantly to events such as unauthorized use of equipment or flooding, letting you prevent theft and vandalism as well as construction delays.

Construction site monitoring by Clariance
IT monitoring solutions by Clariance

IT Industry

Monitor the uptime and performance of your servers websites, as well as the environmental conditions of your data centre, including temperature, humidity, human presence, electrical consumption, etc., and be instantly alerted by phone call or text message of any issues.


Reliably track your fleet and inventory in real-time, reducing costs, improving resource planning, preventing theft and ensuring appropriate environmental conditions for sensitive goods at all times. Ensure you always know the location and status of all of your assets, from the smallest goods to your complete transport fleet.

Logistics tracking solutions by Clariance

Government & Law Enforcement

Mission critical solutions for tracking, monitoring and surveillance